Senator Patrick Dodson has welcomed the granting of native title rights to the Mirarr People and the return of Jabiru to its rightful owners.
“For 20 years, the Mirrar people have been fighting to protect their land. I pay my respects to those who have been fighting for so long for the right to be recognised as owners of their own land.”
The decision by Justice John Griffiths in a special, on country hearing to recognise the native title rights of the Mirarr people is long-awaited, and well deserved.
20 years ago the Mirarr people first submitted their native title claim and began a historic blockade of the Jabiluka uranium site.
Since then, Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation has fought long and hard for recognition, and to ensure Jabiru is returned to its rightful owners.
“The last 38 years of operation of the Ranger Uranium mine, cannot compare to the 65,000 years Mirarr people have been caring for their country.” 
“The legacy and impacts of the uranium mine should not be seen as the ongoing responsibility of the traditional owners.”
It is the responsibility of the Northern Territory and Federal Governments to acknowledge the issues that the rightful owners now face, and work in partnership to restore the health and environment of Jabiru and its surrounds.
The local community have a vision for Mirarr country which will invigorate Indigenous tourism in Jabiru, and return economic agency and power to the Traditional Owners.

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